Healthy food

Reach that weight that makes you happy, recover your energy and quality of life with a mindful diet.

Fresh Cosmetics

Be kind, pamper and take care of your body with extracts from nature: discover natural and fresh cosmetics.

Healthy routines

Learn to feel what your body needs and enjoy a healthy routine. Invest in health today to enjoy tomorrow.

The perfect recipe:
Healthy foods
and good habits.

Hi there! I am DIANA PORTABELLA and I want to help you find the balance between your well-being and the beauty of feeling at peace with yourself.

And for that, I want us to cook together the perfect recipe for a beautiful, full, healthy, rich, healthy, energetic, and happy life.

Sounds delicious, right? ... Stay with me and I'll tell you how to find your well-being.

Reach your healthy weight and regain balance in your life

Are you at that point where you feel like everything is one continuous battle? That the years go by, and you haven't even noticed?

It´s ok now, take a breath. It is time now to be aware and find the balance to feel back the freedom you had before, feel more feminine, gain vitality, have the time to pamper yourself inside out. Without judgments nor criticism.

It is the moment to enjoy that vital balance that will lead you to a new way of living.

I want us to draw up a plan together to prepare our recipe without additives and thus achieve that desired well-being that you have been yearning for years.

We are going to work on a real, healthy, simple, and respectful proposal with you and your environment.

Are you ready for the change?

It is time to regain a healthy lifestyle
through a change in your diet.

Do you see yourself in any of these situations?

  • You have tried all kinds of diets without success
  • You have become discouraged with the yoyo effect and you no longer believe that it is possible to lose those extra pounds, you carry for a long time already
  • You start to take care of yourself but the daily stress makes you quit after a few days
  • You have no willpower. You love to eat. You binge and then feel awful. Snacks, cravings, and crazy weekends are part of your eating routine

If the answer is YES...

Don’t worry… Believe me, your desire to feel better and look good is stronger than you think. You are strong enough to begin your real transformation.

You only need to work on your routine hand in hand with a person who understands you and helps you to be motivated, involved and committed.

This time, yes, exactly, YOU are going to achieve your goal: Regain your well-being, energy and ideal weight. Just like I did back in the day.

And I want to help you achieve it with my WELLNESS AND FOOD PLANS.

How are we going to manage to take care of ourselves inside out?

1. I'm going to help you establish a more positive relationship with food and your image.
2. I will give you guidelines and tools to have a healthy diet and positive habits.
3. We will set some healthy and simple routines that will spice up your days.
4. We will take care of our skin and body consciously and respectfully.


This programme is perfect to learn to eat healthily while you start creating positive habits every day. This is the sum of two essential ingredients for a healthy routine on our way to achieving our weight and energy goals.


During this programme I will accompany and guide you to reactivate your metabolism by practicing intermittent fasting together with dietary guidelines.


With this programme you will be losing and then maintaining a healthy weight. There are plenty of tools, tips, and guidance on how, what, when and how much to eat.


A wonderful programme to take care of your skin with RINGANA fresh natural cosmetics and food supplements. All made from plant extracts, delicate oils and free from whatever toxins or synthetic compounds. Feel pampered by the perfect combination of vegan skincare products and supplements loaded with active ingredients.

We are going to focus on self-care, prioritizing stress relief, healthy eating, and positive habits.

What are you going to achieve with my programmes?

  • Recover your energy to feel 100% connected to yourself and your life
  • Lose weight
  • Feel strong and vital
  • Guidelines and tools to maintain results over time
  • A fresher and brighter image
  • A smooth and bright cared skin
  • Healthy eating
  • Positive habits and increased awareness of your body
  • Confidence to continue and not abandon the programme
  • Visible results
  • Well-being inside out


Happy clients

  • I put myself in Diana´s hands to lose a few kilos and, above all, change my diet. After a few weeks, with a personalized follow-up from Diana, I have achieved both goals without making a great effort, thanks to the involvement, conviction, and empathy that Diana shared with me from day one. I recommend her services for those who want to feel better: with more energy and strength. She is a trained professional with significant professional background.
    Roberto Mirete, Financial Advisor
  • "I am very happy with the skincare routine that Diana recommended to me. The truth is, I have always been a disaster with creams and now in 3 simple steps I get clean, soft, and fresh skin ... I am delighted! In addition to being natural and environmentally friendly cosmetics. "
    María Mateo, Creativa en LA SUIZA
  • "For a long time I started diets and I got tired of them because I barely lost weight despite the great effort it was for me, which also influenced my mood. Today, thanks to the guidelines that I worked with Diana, I began my transformation with a balanced diet, sports and the Dea product from the Ringana brand. In two weeks I already began to see the results and that encouraged me to continue. Recommended 100%. "
    Tatiana Hernández, Primary School Teacher
  • My experience with Diana has been incredible! I started with the Intermittent Fasting Programme not because I wanted to lose weight, but rather to try a new lifestyle. But of course, one of the benefits was losing 3.5 kg in 4 weeks. And I didn't starve at all because I ate enough to feel good and even had the energy to keep training. I slept super well for 8 hours and woke up with motivation. So I loved it and decided to continue with the basic guidelines for later. It is worth trying and making the switch.
    Carla Ribeiro, Skincare specialist on natural cosmetics
  • Like almost all women, I am concerned about and like to stay in good physical shape. Diana has been a bridge for me to achieve this. She is a determined and competent professional who helps you to keep up discipline with your diet and gives you the willpower you need to continue. She finally helped me achieve my goal: lose weight and feel better.
    Julianne Ter Haseborg, Aesthetic podiatry specialist

Do you want to create healthy and long-lasting eating routines, improve your well-being and regain your energy?

Are you ready to take the leap? Then send me a message and tell me, what is your goal. Let´s start your healthy well-being plan right now.